Welcome to Dawn Of The Z!  We are a community dedicated to hosting DayZ Servers. All our servers are influenced by our members ideas and suggestions and the staff here are mature, friendly and most of all trained, active and ready to help when you need it!


Here at Dawn Of The Z we run all 2 servers, NO KOS Server and a VANILLA server from our dedicated server with all servers running persistence backup's and auto restore features along with automatic DayZ and Mod updates!


If your looking for a community to call home then you have come to the right place, we offer a layed back community with a friendly atmosphere with experienced, friendly and mature staff!




We host regular events on our dedicated Events Server... Full details of events are announced in our Community Forum!

Some events include but are not limited to Vehicle Races, Team Deathmatches, Survive The Hoard, Fight Club, Hunt The Ghillie and Clan PvP Outings!



AllAll our Staff are mature, active contributors to the Dawn Of The Z Community and are trained ready to help as and when required.


Of course as with any community staff we have personal lives to attend to so please be respectful and understanding of this fact.


The Team

Founder -

Captain Bigzy

Admin -


Admin -


Moderator -


Moderator -

Brother Derp

Server Specs

Our 3 Community servers all run on our Dedicated Windows Server hosted by SwiftNode allowing us to have full control over all aspects of each server.


CPU:  Xenon 3.8ghz 8 Cores




SSD: 500gb Samsung 860 Pro


Email us: mail@dawnofthez.net

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