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Below is a donate button anyone can use to contribute towards our community.  Please make sure to read the disclaimer fully before going any further!







As much as we appreciate donations towards the community it is not a requirement by any means and we cannot stress more that we only want you to go through with donating on the basis you are aware of the following!






- Donations go directly back into the community no matter what!



- Donations by NO means are required to maintain the up-keep of the server costs!



- Donations are to the community not a specific game server!



- Donations give no in-game benefits at all and we will NEVER run a "pay to win" community!






Please make sure you have read the above fully before you decide to donate, in advance we would like to thank anyone who donates to our community!




If you have any further questions regarding donations please feel free to contact "Captain Bigzy" via our forum, discord or email at any time!


And finally for those who have agreed to the above disclaimer and are going to proceed with there donation please make sure to leave a note of your Discord/Forum name with your donation or simply message "Captain Bigzy" so that we can thank you personally!


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