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Server 1 NO KOS


UK Dawn Of The Z

All Welcome


Our main white-listed server is based on Semi-RP and is customised/modded, you can see list below for many of the server features!




- 6 Hour Restarts

- Custom Loadouts

- Trader See Map Zones

- Red Zone KOS Allowed

- Custom Locations

- Custom Weather

- Altar Safe Camp

- 5hr Day 1hr Night Cycle


Server Information


- IP =

- Server Mods

Map Zones




- See "General Community & Server Rules" for rules that apply on all servers.


- KOS is only allowed in Red Zones and within 200 meters of heli crash sites.


- Blue & Green zones are NPC & Player Trading & Meeting zones, no "KOS, stealing or camping" these zones.


- Please do not use "Survivor" as your in-game name! If you need assistance to fix this please ask a member of staff.


- Base building can be done anywhere as long as you are not blocking high/rare loot areas, if in doubt ask an admin.

- When Bulding a base there are limits to how many storage items & Tents you can have (this is to reduce lag from mass hoarding) 

3 Tents
5 Barrels
10  other storage containers
5 Underground Stashes


- Base/Storage raiding is allowed this includes, tents, barrels and anything else that can store items. But do not despan items you are not going to take!

Barrels,  small storage containers and underground stashes are not classed as bases but tents and anything with walls, gates or watchtowers are!

Base Defence, KOS is only allowed if someone is within 100 meters of your base!  If you only have small storage items such as boxes/barrels then you cannot KOS.


- Griefing bases or locations on the map for fun is forbidden!

Server 2 VANILLA


UK Dawn Of The Z

All Welcome


Our Vanilla server is dedicated to giving our current and new members the chance to experience Dayz Vanilla but with better performance, persistance and when required refunds for losses due to bugs.


Its like your normal public server but no base wipes, staff to help and most of all better perfromance.

All are welcome to come try it out!



- 6 Hour Restarts

- Auto Backups & Restore

- True Vanilla Experience

Server Information


- IP =


- Although there are no feature based rules for our vanilla server we do expect all players to abide by our general community rules found here

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